I Stop Bullies In Their Tracks

When I was young, I was a victim of bullies.  What that did to me was leave me with a strong sense of justice and the will, desire, and ability to stop them.

I have been busting up online bullying groups for the last 12 years and have been directing victims of this abuse to WHO@ http://haltabuse.org/  and cyberangels as well.

If you are being attacked, go to those two groups.  Cyberangels has good tips and WHO@ has good resources including lawyers and Private investigators who WILL track down your bullies in Real life.

If you know of any other groups, please post them as replies to this message
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2012

Some of my friends have been bullied on EP.Its disgusting.!

Use those resources. They can also contact me if they need helpo

Bravo.I hate bullies.Good Work and well done !

TRUE STORY: I busted up a ring of online bullies, one of the women saw the error of her ways, became a friend of mine. She told me that I actually had the ringleaders terrified of me.