Being Alone Is No Longer A Choice, It's The Only Way I Can Remain Safe....

I am 17 and i am a senior in high school. i have been threatened, harassed, and assaulted. i told my principal about it and he told the bully exactly what i said about her. of course this made things so much worse. i was backed into a corner at a basketball game and threatened to be beat to death if i ever said anything about the bully or if i ever "snitched" again. And that i was an ugly ****, and i all i am is white trash and im a *****. then she said that in 2 weeks when she got off probation that if she sees me outside of school im going 12 feet under. when knowing i cant turn to my principal any longer i turn to my mother for support. she was livid when i explained everything that was going on. i did not want to deal with it the way she wanted to. my mother wanted to go to the police and take this thing very seriously, but i knew in the long run that it wouldnt fix anything because there wouldnt be enough evidence. so i told mom i would talk to the principal again and if he didnt do anything that we would take the next step. The next day i am humiliated because my bully walks up and starts a scene, she screams and yells at me and rares back her fist like she will hit me while i stand there and say nothing. Everyone is staring and rumors are flying around the school. I decide not to talk to the principal. This morning i woke up and begged my mom to let me stay home from school, i used every excuse in the book and yet im here at school, typing this story, and watching my back to make sure no one can see my typing this and to make sure especially that the one person i hate most doesnt come in and see me. I feel so alone right now. i cant turn to my principal because he wont take it seriously, i cant turn to mom because she wants to tell the police, and all my friends just tell me to fight the bully. i know im a coward but i really dont want to fight. ive never fought and i dont plan on starting soon. i dont know what i can do, if this keeps happening i dont know how i will get up and go to school everyday and relive this hell everyday of my life over and over. and it kills me that people see this and dont care. people witness this and dont want to get involved. i feel like i am not worth their time or space, maybe im not worth the dirt on their shoes. im done with all this drama and immature fighting, and im done living like this. i need help, but where to go?
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This is so sad. Hope it gets better for you!.<br />