Our Social Bullyer

We are Hannah and Rachel. We have a problem with this girl in our school. She always pushes us around and acts likes shes the boss. She used to be our friend but now she spreads bad rumors about us and tells everyone not to like us. No one comes to see our band preform because she ripped our posters, called our band stupid, and told everyone not to come. She calls us bad names and calls us fat even though we cleary are skinny. We reported the the bully to our teacher but she hasn't done anything about it. We were planning to stand up to her, but we are afraid it will get worse. It has gotten so bad that no one will even sit at the same table as us at lunch. She is always spreading rumors about us to her possy. Tonight we sat here crying and eating sweedish fish because we had no one to talk to because of our social bullyer.
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

no offense to the above comment, but she doesn't want to talk to u. she thinks that wat she's doing is ok and it hurts u, unfortunately thats all she cares about. and im guessin she gets away with it all the time? yeah, she does lol. everybody seems to think that standing up to ur bully is old school its all about telling a grown-up, kids ur age could give a **** what any adult says am i right? yeah im right. my point being, she starts again making a scene, whispering about u etc. say something embarrassing about her in front of everyone, and KEEP DOING IT whether its someone else or not. u have to let this girl understand and understand good that u arn't going to take the crap she says about u laying down. seeing u hear bad things about urselves and seeing u get upset is what keeps her going. seriously try it once, call her out on how petty and fake a friend she is/was, tell her how stupid she looks talking crap about someone that doesn't care about her. check out the look on her face

Maybe you should talk to your bullyer why she's acting like that.<br />
Maybe, and just maybe, you do something that hurt her and you didn't realize it.<br />
Just try to talk her first ok? :)