Time Is Up

Time is up - let us expose schools and places where bullying is taking place. It is all very much a group thing. When we get together on the internet we can form the biggest group of all. Let us flash bullying out of this planet. Kind Regards (I know a perso whose child is being bullied and name of the school is Bidbury, Havant, Uk - children are allowed to literaly taunt one child in groups. It goes on for days and weeks and it ranges from verbal to nonverbal, physical to threats of all kinds - unbelievable - let us put a stop to it...
takethatnow takethatnow
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1 Response Oct 14, 2012

Thanks for your sharing, I also have the same thought as you do. I'm organizing Anti-Bullying Groups in and out of school but it seems like not much people ever notice us. However, on internet, it's different, the power is more and more powerful. Thanks for reminding us for this.

Maybe I'm too young and I also have lots of things to learn from all of those like you who are older and more experienced. Anyway, I wish we can do as much as we can.

Again, I appreciate your sharing, thanks!