Why I Dont Want Anyone Feel What I Felt

i have bullied since i started school when i was five.People have always told me i wasnt good enough or i couldnt do it.I was always the under dog and over time it got worse.this year not to long ago i tired to commoit sicide three times by suffication and overdosing than suffication again.There has been times ive had to ask to be excused from class and go to the bathroom because i was being bullied in class and i didnt want to cry.My grandpa died when i was four years old and ever since then i started eating and became an emotional eater now im overweight not because of my grandpa but bullying.I wonder why im not beatiful and why im not prefect of good enough everyday and i hate it.When i think about what ive gone through and about what im going through i dont want other people to go threw that,nobody desrves to be told they arent good enough.I had a bestfriend who i thought was there for me but i just felt like less around her and she doesnt understand that but no matter who is there for me i still feel alone.DONT EVER LET ANYONE SAY YOUR GOOD ENOUGH YOUR NOT BEATIFUL CAUSE YOU ARE AND YOUR HERE ON EARTH YOU BORN FOR A REASON DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE CAUSE IF YOU WERENT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE YOU WOULDNT BE.
staystrongyourperfect staystrongyourperfect
Dec 31, 2012