What Should I Do ?

I'd like to start off by saying that its not so bad that i'm thinking of self harming or anything like that. But I do feel depressed almost everyday. I'm not very popular and although I do have friends, they either don't notice, get it themselves or don't have the spine to stand up for me and my parents would make it worse by informing the head. So I'm going to have to sort this myself. I get teased like anyone else in secondary school, that I can handle, but its when one person in particular makes fun of my scottish accent that I start to get depressed (I live in England). He also takes every opportunity to physically touch me e.g. stroke my head, hug me etc.(i'm a straight boy so this naturally makes me uncomfortable yet he does it constantly. He is also responsible for the name I was called for several weeks running. I should explain. My first name rhymes with words such as:corn, horn, born. so he decided to rename me after a popular pornographic website substituting my name for the word p0rn. e.g. lornhub. Worse still he is on very good terms with the majority of my remaining friends so if I lose it at him in an attempt to make him stop I risk losing my few remaining friends.
I f you have any Ideas how I can stop him then that would be helpful. But really I just needed to vent m frustration at something.
comandolf comandolf
Jan 10, 2013