Get At Me Bullies; This Is A Piece Of My Mind

Dear bullies, you know who you are
If you have ever went out of your way to give your dumb, rude opinion that was never asked of you, if you have ever made fun of somebody, if you have ever made someone innocent cry and just laughed about it, THIS IS FOR YOU, FROM ME.

HOW MANY MORE? how many more people have to kill themeselves until you GET A BRAIN? How  many more families have to get hurt because of your childish, hurtful words?
 well guess what...

I SAY NO MORE. I think all of us anti-bullies think it's enough. Enough is enough! keep your rude opinions to yourself, your lucky people like me aren't around when you act stupid because I can't keep my mouth shut! People say "aww bullies must have problems at home" I say, there are no excuses! Your "problems" are killing people, innocent children, teens, even adults. You are murderers in my eyes, and even if you havent been the result to someones suicide, it doesnt mean the victim hasnt thought of it.

Im tired of watching the news, or watching shows like Dr.Phil and learning about teenagers who have taken their lives by jumping in front of subways, overdosing, cutting too far, the list goes on, and it's all because of you. *slow clapping* and if your dumb enough to think Im actually applauding you, then I prove my damn point.

A 15 year girl one night made a big mistake. She slept with 4 boys form the football team. the next day at school, everybody called her a ****, w hore, b itch, you name it. Girls can be pretty horrible to one another, so imagine your whole grade ganging up on you. Well thats what she went through. The next day, she decided to stand up for herself, but that didnt do her any good becuase you bullies dont work alone! you outnumbered her! That day afterschool, she kissed her best friend goodbye, and went her seperate way. She was with a friend (a boy) who was telling her  never to make a mistake like that again. The subway arrived and he told her "oh, the subway is here" and she says "finally, the subway is here". SHe drops her bag, and falls in front of it. When the subway left, her friend jumped down on the tracks to see her leg cut off, and her face smashed. RIP

I am tired of people like you. I am tired of people like you. x 1000.
get a life please. dont take one.

18-21, F
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wow what an inspiring statement. thank you for that. Hate to say it but even as an adult, I see this happen, even have a group of my own. Funny really their 18 to 25 years of age and I'm 40 just went thru a divorce, he left for a younger women anyway this group of people go around mocking what I say, what my young son says, like children on a playground. I can't go in public w/out one of them hunting me down yelling horrible things at me and yes suicide has entered my mind over it several times. I've really drawn close to God and that's helped..... that and a mp3 w/headset...funny but I can't them so the hurt is much less. I just turn the music way up and look down until their gone. Its hard but I'm rising above it & trying to helps others like me. Love what you wrote & it will help so many people. God bless

i wish you knew how touched I am by your comment. I am so sorry for what you have been through, it will all pass by as time goes by. Sometimes, time is your best friend! all that matters is that you and your family support and love one another. bullies have issues, not you. i am here for you to talk to, just inbox me! and God is great, God really is great! if you love him, everything will okay!

thank you

This is a true inspirational story and you a smart girl for bring this to people's awareness.

It took me a long time to come out of my shell. I was bullied and it sucked. I was shy, vulnerable, and scared at the time. I so know better now. I have no use for those who bully it really shows a disgust in their character and their own insecurities truly they are cowards.

thankyou for calling me smart :)
Im sorry you were bullied on the behalf of bad people!
and i think cowards is an understatement. They are future murderers, because they kill with their words.

First, I would like to say I'm sorry to all the people that has been bullied in their life time! Second, I don't blame all the bully's for all the kids that have killed/hurt themselves because they were bullied! You might not agree with me but so what! Listen! By the way I was one who was bullied as well! But my parents made sure I could come and talk to them about anything! So I guess that's why I was able to stop this kid in my situation! I blame bully's and the parents of the kid who is getting bullied. My reasons why I feel this way ( you see more kids getting bullied now then 1990s or years before) because parents DONT paid attention to there kids like before, talk to their children, teach their kids, listen to them. right? Google it if you want! 80% of these kids that killed themselves in a situation like this the parent had no idea that such thing was going on in their child life! WHAT???? Who the hell don't know what's going on with there 13, 15, 9 year old kid!!! Parents today!!! So most of my blame goes to parents! Story: my daughters 10 and 9 years of age is my best friends ever, I've taught them to come to me with whatever, whenever, something is wrong. A teacher, principal, say you can't call me at that time because you are in class apologize tell the teacher something happen and I want my mom to know about it now! They still denied you of this when you get out of school it would be me and this teacher and school board head on about my child! Well anyways my daughter was being bullied by this other kids (sexually at that) she came home the first time and told me I contact the assistant principal and explain this situation to him, and also explained, to him I have zero tolerance when it comes to behavior like this especially if its with my child and if this should continue we are going to have problems and Monday morning this bully was pulled from class and talk to, but it continue to where I had to go show my face at the school! Yep my face with a nasty attitude and asked, to contact child parents, principal out her office now, my child and this damn kid just like that! yes I did! Long story short we have not had problems with this kids anymore! I pray that my 4 children listen to me enough so if they were to ever again get in a situation like this they will still handle this way because I see a lot of children today who try to kill themselves because of this but I also know that a lot of kids today allow people to treat them like this because they don't know better! My daughter told me she asked, the boy first don't talk to me like this, then she explained, to him if you touch me I will have to retaliate back, next it got to the point where my daughter slap this kids, kick him in growing, and told him don't ever try again! I was proud of her she is 10

It's weird... I hate bullying because I think I was a victim before. I just didn't realize it. I was a very weird kid when I was younger. A true nerd. Some things happened to change that, but I think that I was socially incapable enough to not UNDERSTAND that I was bullied. So no one cared to bully me for more than a couple of months. So I didn't even take notice of it. Still I het it, I hate bullying.
The thing is... I never see it happening around me. I never did. If I ever saw someone being bullied (with One exception) I would stop it, or try. But I never see it happening. I wish I could see it just once, so I could help someone out of it. I just want to give someone hope or let them know that they have my support. But I never have a chance to help. It hurts to know that it exists on my school but I haven't been able to help. Poor people. *sigh* I'm really glad that I'm not a subject of it anymore. Because I would notice it for sure, and it wouldn't do me any good. I would probably stand up for myself, but who knows if that's enough.

I feel bad for the bullied. Stay strong out there. It won't be there forever, and people do care. You can get through it guys. Have strenght.

A lot of the time the ones that act the most innocent and are the most popular are the bullies. People can be underhanded and sneaky. And I agree, feeling bad for them only makes them worse. They cause more problems than they could possibly have at home.. I think there are more bullies today than ever, they're just sneakier :(

thank you for taking a stand.

no, thankyou!

I appreciate your passion towards this on-going crisis. Bullying is getting worse. We need to stand up for those being socially alienated or isolated. Sometimes all we need to know is that one person believes in us and all the hurtful words from others will not matter as much anymore. Spread the love and together we'll become stronger against the forceful.

I hate bullies. They are like a disease that must be cured. Bullies need to learn to mind their own business, talk when asked to speak (opinions), and "to be a buddy not a bully" :)

Very sad that these things keep happening. Feel the same anger towards bullies, have been bullied myself, so I know how it's like, unfortunately. I'm a survivor but I'm still struggling with that issues from the past. I do understand the teenagers who see an escape this way, and I feel sad every time this happens. So many videos on youtube, where they have lots of tributes for teens who are bullied to death....If only just one person would reach out to help, rather than following the bullies or standing aside, actually DO something. They would be that person's hero forever! Reaching out, even if it's just one person...would save a life! Thank you for posting this, hugs xxx

you are very welcome! This story is from all of us :) All of our voices against bullies!

Sure thing! Together we stand strong :-)