Big Hopes For the Future

I"ve grown to be a realist, not a pesimist or an optimist.  My motto for life is "It is, what it is." In general I have enjoyed life wherever I've been.  Every hardship has been a lesson, and every good thing a blessing. I thank God for every experience, because  it has made me who I am.     Making ends meet and trying at ever turn to improve life by improving our income has been the norm. , for my husbands and myself all of our 29 married years. Having been each others life mate and worked to grow a very loving and considerate  relationship we have become each others strenght . "It's us against the world ."      In the next month we have new hope for an up turn,in finances,adventure and who knows?  With help from a good friend, who we have been enormous help to in his time of need, my husband is leaving for Germany to choose from several high paying positions that he is highly qualified for that most people in our tax bracket would never have a chance at. With the assurances of  lodging and expenses paid, provided by his friend and also a round trip ticket, my husband will leave March 20th . We spent 3 months apart in our early 20's when he was in boot camp, but have only spent no more than a week apart at a time since. When myself and my son join him in late May, my son will have the opportunity to go to a college of his choice at no tuition cost. He is very focused on his dreams ,so We have very high hopes that this will be his help up to achieve them. I also will have the same opportunity to  further my education ,which is little past a high school diploma or the opportunity at a job, of course applying skills that I have.  What a big adventure! Yes, we are hoping that all the decisions made from now til whenever will be as benificial for us as for our children. That is all a parent can do. So we trudge forward,......with Hope.

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