I was divorced after three decades of marriage. It was a sad and very difficult time but I landed on my feet after a lot of therapy and tears. After that divorce, I met a man a few years ago and married him this past year. He is a wonderful man. We have a great friendship as well as romance and adventures together. Sadly, he was diagnosed several months ago with a terminal illness. Now my role is caretaker and I am grieving many losses both present and future. When he is gone from my life, I will still have my career which is winding down. My grown children live thousands of miles away and are not settled. I don't want to stay where I am but am not sure how to start retirement in a brand new locale. I would like to be closer to one of the children but they are reluctant to discuss it. I am not worried about surviving, just being lonely and lost and grieving. Work and my children occupied most of my life. I have traveled a good bit but never alone. I have been so lucky to find this new love late in life but our time is so short and now this is going to be a memory too. Has anyone out there going through something similar?
61-65, F
Aug 23, 2014