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Anxiety wat a devil it is...i have been suffering with it for the past ten years now, not sure how it ever started or why ??? but i do know how it takes over ya life ....i wake up every morning feeling anxious, i get my 8 yr old daughter ready for school, then i leave my house to drop her off at the school which makes my head race with the thought ov bein in the playground my heart starts to pound the nearer i get my head is all fuzzy an my breathing starts to play up...deep breaths im thinking daughter is now in school and i walk back home and shut my door...sometimes i can go to the shops and other days i i cant...i have a new job to start as supply staff in a nursery just waiting for a phone call for some training dates im dreading it but also im thinking it might be a good thing for me??? it helps writing my thoughts down on here and sharing them with thats why im goin on abit.! sorry ...anyway anxiety im on meds for it but only a low doseage of citaloprax dont like the side affects so only on 5mg doseage....which im not sure if its even working ??? had blood tests done this morn and also got a ecg test next tues....which now i will be worrying until i get results ...tutt tutt ...yep im a total worrier personality well im a bubbley person who likes to meet people and make friends easily thats on a good day or if i av had a few drinks lol ya dont get anxious when ya havin afew drinkies i feel great then ...but  the 2nd day after my drinks i feel terrible ...with the anxiety & tiredness .....i have an underactive thyroid aswell so i have just had tests done to see if its the thyroid which is causing me to have this anxiety ???? oh well if there anyone else who is suffering with anxiety like myself  itd be great to read your stories too and how you cope ....!     x

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cheers for the sounds mad but it makes me feel better sometinmes knowing that im not the only one going through this anxiety....i tend to have more anxious days than good days at the mo...& what a pain in the arse it is !!!!!!!!! when im having a really bad day i mean that im struggling to out of the house i have a glass of wine shouldnt really because sometimes ya feel alot worse a few days later, but i have to pick up my daughter from school so that one little glass of wine can really help ( i dont drink everyday mostly just stick to the sat if my partner is off work ) anyway everybody feels different through anxiety how do you feel & what do you do to feel calm and relaxed, im only on a very low doseage 5mg citalopram just to stop the anxiety turning into a panic attack which also i went through a few years back , but i know what you mean about doctors just trying to up ya meds all the time i just tell them NO more meds ....hope to hear from you again soon and hope you are having a good day ...mine is going ok so far a little anxious but im in

I completely understand anxiety, it's a terrible thing to have to deal with. It's such a horrible feeling to have and can take over. I'm also a huge worrier and I guess I "think" about things too much, over analyzing things all the time. I'm not on meds, I used to be about 4 years ago, but they were basically poisoning me, I was on a ridiculous amount of pills ( for anxiety and depression) and they just kept increasing the doses and adding more and in turn I was only declining. Got off of them and felt better, but I obviously still suffer with anxiety ALL the time on a daily basis, some days better than others. So I totally know what your going through, sending you lots of love and hugs....Xo~sugar~Xo

That is fear not for I am with you always

This is how I deal

a beginning easy way to cope ( later its not really about coping, just being .. )<br />
<br />
consider : thinking : imagining : scenarios or dreams : of "Feeling OK or Feeling Better Land"<br />
<br />
imagine the scenery being quiet and peaceful. imagine a huge field of clean green grass. imagine some distant clean trees. imagine a huge huge lightblue sky. imagine some white wisps of clouds. imagine a few birds chirping now and then. imagine lying on the clean green grass, facing the huge lightblue sky and wisps of white clouds.<br />
<br />
imagine everything, and nothing, being just OK. imagine everything and nothing, possibly somehow .. being Better.<br />
<br />
for me, just thinking and typing this, made me imagine it and i feel goodo :D .. i hope it works for you and others too :)<br />
<br />
i've learnt many different things. one of the other ways, which i've given advice, but i don't know if people try it, is to : look at a flower, and look at every petal. look at the veins on the petals. look at the leaves. look at the sometimes little furry hair on the leaves. look at the stem. how the stem joins to the flower. look at the pollen. look at how the light glows through the petals.<br />
<br />
and that's just looking, then theres the smell of the flowers ^_^ mmm :D and the feel of the softness and delicateness.<br />
<br />
wooh. works for me. distraction to the universes beauty and detail. i really hope some try it and that it works :D

I just got out of the most depressing panic-and-anxiety support group I've ever taken part in. It was depressing because of me, which makes me feel even worse. Ya, I know what it's like: every now and then I feel like hey, maybe things are going to be better today, and then reality hits. Sucks, doesn't it!

53, and have dealt with anxiety for about 25 or more yrs. did the psychotherapy, the anti- depressants, group therapy , covered the bases. currently take clonopin on an as needed basis. for me, it comes from childhood fears and insecurities, as well as a predisposition i believe both genetic and spiritual (karmic). i have long held a theory about gad tho, the old fight or flight response after all is basically energy, i think misrouted it may well turn into angst, but imagine if that intensity could be routed into spiritual pursuits, perhaps more to the upper chakras? - using meditation for example, like the shamans of old sometimes did. still working on it, its not easy, open to suggestions! lol - namaste

im 39.....