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Plenty of gloryholes to choose from, now which one is the best? Just looking for couples or women.... I've heard pleasure emporium is quite fun if gone at the right time... Any one want to join
drewmesays drewmesays 26-30, M 2 Responses Nov 19, 2013

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There are a few in this area , one is off copans and dixie (ft lauderdale. The back stalls still have the holes and there is alot of people who come to use them. Mostly men, a few TS here and there. The owner is really cool, i stay in the back booth for hours completely nude and let pretty much anyone do anything to me. Its a great place :)

I went there a couple of years ago. it was around three AM . The place was empty, and the guy attending was watching a tranny film. We got to talking, hit it off pretty well, and he locked the front door so we could be alone.
we smoked some 420, and soon i realized it was laced. I was wayto stoned.
He had me nude without me even realizing it. but the way he was touching me i could resist. I didnt want to. He kissed me, and rubbed all the right places, and i became putty in his hands. So i would be more comfortable, he convinced me to lay on the liberator pillow in the middle of the room. Before i knew it, i was strapped in and completly immobile.
Before i could even think about it he was in me. I was in another world i guess, but i found myself telling him how wonderful it was. I moaned to the pressure applied as he entered me whimpered as he pulled out.
I was so aroused by everything that i became his to enjoy and loved it. I remember him holding me tight, almost pushing himself through me as he released in me. i could feel every throb, every spurt, every squeeze of his strong hands as he took me. I could only get close, not quite go myself. I remember asking him not to stop. but he was done.I needed more.
He left me there while he cleaned up. then opened the door to a knock. I got what i wanted. three more times.
My pictures are still there in the screapbook behind the counter. It was a wonderfull night i will never forget. Only wish for more.