Don't Have To Be Strictly Lesbian ...

I think some of us who appreciate the softness and sweetness of our sisters might also have a life with men. So don't rule out those of us who might enjoy, uh, different parts of menu of love, if you know what I mean. Hate to limit myself, and I haven't since I was kinda young!
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Totally agree and live accordingly

Good for you!

I would love to see this posted on the front gates of a nunnery. All those sisters and not an amous bouche amidst the lot

I think they've tasted some lovely treats!

Amen sister!

I am bi love you ok with that

Of course. Me too!

I am not strictly lesbian as I have a beard and a **** but would love to communicate about lesbian love as it really turns me on girls playing together and having fun so I know what you mean

i can describe the advertisement better (and without pussyfooting) i believe:<br />
<br />
***** looking for another ***** who may be happy with a **** but wants to try *****.<br />
<br />
is the menu well described?


Thank you! I hope all get the picture.

Ah, now that's the kind of liberal attitude that makes the world a better place. Right on, sister.

I am fun.

Whatever you find pleasurable is what you should do so long as it doesn't harm anyone.

Fantasies, too. Even wild ones?

Why not?

Even the one with the midget, the donkey, the nun and Anthony Weiner?

Got any favorites?

Oh my! I love the way you think!

Spank them red! Then her fingers might wander over our pink cute bottoms and sooth us just a little in the way that naughty aunts and mommies and their friends know. Then, after we are done gasping with pleasure, she'll make us kneel and ....

I can think of lots of ways we could thank her .... With our eager wet lips and tongues and curious busy fingers ....

I think the moans and gasps are a clue!

Exciting exploration time!!!!!!!!

Ohhhhh yesssss gladly!!!!!!!!!

ohhhh yesssss …. of course, I have many sensitive places. Here and there …. and especially here!

This is like hearing one side of a phone conversation, and yet it is still hot!

Glad you enjoyed it.

Really? Anthony does it for you?? You must be a close sexting friend of his... Apparently HRC has warned him to keep his head down and his fingers off the send button until after Nov. 2016...

I think I'd leave the Weiner out.

Believe me, I have dated plenty of guys in love with their own Weiner.

I'm sorry.

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good perspective

do what you do sarah we all do.

Sounds like you like it A La Carte :)

Open minds, open hearts, open thighs ....

go get what you enjoy. No need to limit yourself, right?

Thank you. Life is full of many flavors and spices. Just one kind of ice cream would be boring, right?

variety certainly is important.