Anal Love 7

hi friends i am again here to tell you all my another anal experience. I was on a trip from my company, and i stayed at a hotel. I got a maid for my room. She showed me my room and told me if i want anything just call him. I asked her name. She told me that her name is julia. She had a very gorgeous personality. I was tired so i fell asleep. When i got up it was 7pm. I took bath. And then i called julia. She asked me what i want. I asked him at what time her duty will end? She told me that she will be free at 8pm. Then i asked further looking into her eyes 'may you give me company for one night?' she did not answered. I came close to her and kissed softly on her lips and said 'julia you are very hot and sexy' please accept my offer. She smiled and said 'ok'. She came to me. I hugged him and started kissing. She was wearing a black skirt and white top. I was rubbing my hand on her beautiful heavy thighs. Suddenly i slipped my hand under her skirt but i become stunned because she was not wearing panty. My hand was touching her love hole this feeling made my tool very hard. She undressed herself, when i saw her nude breast my tool was out of control. She had 40dd size breast with light pink nipples. She was now standing nude in front of me. She came close to me and unzipped my pant and then my underwear.then she took my hot big tool in her hand and started *******. Then she guided my missile tip in her hot and wet mouth. When her tongue touched my missile tip it sent thousands sensations in my body.she was tasting it like lolipop.then she took the whole big banana in her mouth, it was touching to her throat. She was doing in n out. I was enjoying this but i need her body now. So i asked him to make doggy pos. She made. Then i took some spit and rubbed on my tool and guided my tool to her back door. She amazingly asked ' r u going to insert your tool in my back hole?' i said'yes'. She told 'i have never done that'. I said ' do not worry.' then i stretched her back hole with my fingers and insert my big tool thick tip in her back hold. She cried 'ooooohhhhh .........ooooee....mmmmmfffffff' i asked him if she is not enjoying i can remove my tool. She said 'yes i am in pain but at the same time i am enjoying it too much. You please do whatever you want even if i cry' now i bent on him and hold her one big melon in my hand and started squeezing it. Now she was crying 'ooooommm ffff.... Me ...i have never had such type of enjoyment'. Now i stroked a little hard and more than half of my 8 inch tool had gone in her back hole. She moaned again but this time her voice was more sexy. I started stroking in n out. I could feel the tightness of her i was like a wild horse and pumping full shaft in full shaft out,at the same time i was playing with her big solid melon. And then i suddenly exploded my white hot load in her back hole,then again and again nearly 6-7 fountains of my thick load filled her back hole. She was still crying '' oooooooooo ......i need more.....oh that was.......aaaahhhhh....wonderful''. And within seconds she also exploded her juices. But she wanted to do it again. read my new experience in anal love 8.
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Jan 16, 2013