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I am considering, at my age, doing something different. I am locked in on ultimately becoming a nurse anesthetist but, don't know a whole lot of information...Though, I have searched and gathered much info., I still need MUCH more and would like to hear from someone firsthand, about being a nurse anesthetist.

I would REALLY appreciate any advice/information. I would love to know exactly how long it takes from point "A" (no nursing degree) to point "B". And what degrees do I need or does it vary by state? I am going in a few weeks to the University I will hopefully be attending but, I would love to find out more, ASAP.

Also, I'm curious as to the daily difficulty of this career and the type of responsibility that comes with it. What type of hours/schedules? And I would love to hear from more than one person about the different salary ranges from state to state if anyone is willing to share that information with me. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon...

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