Hi, just wondering why the recent online articles always call PV cancer. From what I've read, it isn't really cancer until the white count gets high, rather thathe red count being high. The treatment for PV is phlebotomies, and or medications tha control the high blood count. Many people with PV, live a normal life for 30 yrs. I don't believe they could do that if they had cancer.
My Mom had PV and didn't know it. If untreated it turns to blood cancer, (myloproliferative). Sometimes it may still turn to cancer anyway.
Mom was 86 when she learned she had a blood cancer, and was treated with blood transfusions, the opposite treatment than for PV.
She died of heart failure. My point is, even though untreated, she must have lived many yrs with PV before it turned to cancer.
Does anyone else have a comment on this?
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1 Response May 5, 2012

Hi Minna<br />
Your poor mum, I hope she had a happy life.<br />
I guess cancer or the big C is really just a label and a scary one at that. The way I understand it and I could be wrong is that PV is a chronic disease and is labelled as a myoproliferative disorder which comes under the umbrella of Leukemia. It can progress to an acute disease WHICH IS RARE and then I guess could be called cancer. Either way its a crappy thing to live with and Ive had it for 2years now, 17 venesections later, 1500mg of Hydrea a day plus asprin ---but after all that Im hoping that its manageable and I can have a good life for another 20 or 30 years. I think theres alot of people running around with a condition like this that may go undiagnosed for years and by some fluke a Doctor picks it up. My only symptom of PV prior to diagnosis was, get this--burning feet (thats it) .<br />
If my PV went untreated I would be more likely to die of a stroke or heart attack than the actual disease as the blood becomes thick like honey and puts stress on the heart and forms clots that causes the strokes (Ive had two strokes now-mild ones thank goodness), so Im hoping what Ive said helps you understand it a bit more.<br />