Both myself and my sisters were often smacked by my parents (especially my mother) growing up and she generally didn't seem to care who witnessed it. If we misbehaved in front of people then we were usually smacked in front of them too which led to us getting some very embarrassing public punishments both in front of extended family and friends and also complete strangers too!

Over the years we were smacked in all many of places from shop changing rooms to beaches to parks, etc.

I have also witnessed many public smackings over the years too, especially of cousins, etc.

Would be happy to share memories/experiences with anyone who had a similar upbringing.
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My mom was an on the spot spanker when I was a preschooler. If I misbehaved, regardless of where we were or who was present, my mom would spin me around so I was facing her and pick me up under her arm Then with me dangling in mid air yelling because I knew what was coming, she would give me several smacks usually on the seat of my pants. However, there are 3 occassions that I remember, my mom being so angry at me, she yanked my pants and underwear down and administered the smacks on my bare bum.

My mother, the paddle or hairbrush - those and my bare bottom were no strangers to each other. My mother was "on-the-spot" too. But when I was growing up, the "Eisenhower fifties" this was a common punishment - I saw other kids my age get the same - sometimes worse.


My mom was that kind of spanker. People I mention this to can't believe it happened in public - but I know it did because I lived it.


My FAM is same do something wrong. get spanked no matter who is present. Family my friends. parents friends and yes strangers. at a park lake etc

Did it keep you on the straight arrow in life. Your mom was most correct.

It did indeed.