What I See

What do we live for? Is it money? Fame? Love? Whatever the reason, it seems everyone lives to be remembered somehow. A feeling that makes you feel you live forever even after death. Even people who murder or committ suicide want to be remembered for what they lived for. It also seems the easiest way to be remembered by others is to be a part of something. Whether it's religions, governments, businesses, clubs, teams, or whatever other groups that have many people involved in them, people try to be remembered by others. Some achieve this as a group, some do it as individuals. So why do people feel the need to be remembered? Is it because when they are dying, they want to feel like their life meant something? Or is it because they hope to be more attractive to others? But if you think about it, does it really matter if you're remembered? Are you a better person if you are? Does it make you the ALPHA? Well, let us go back quite some years. What did people live for? Food, water, shelter, family. And then you all the sudden have an abundance of those things. What do you live for now? I think people just started competing for social dominance once they achieved an abundance of the 4 basic elements of life. Once dominance is established, control is necessary to keep your dominance. Creating a society of people dependant on a certain few was done by placing food distribution under lock and key. You must now work for a worthless material to exchange for a basic element of survival. Generation after generation, the majority of people now cannot survive without the certain few to give them what they need. But what happens when you run out of resources of these basic elements to survive? The mass majority panic, as they have lived their whole lives competing for materialistic things that made them socially dominant or important. Panic brings destruction to the system. Now power starts shifts hands. It no longer belongs to those with money. It no longer belongs to people who were admired most. Think about who in your life would you look to depend on for survival without electricity, an abundance of food and fresh water, or weapons to defend yourself from others. Who would you turn to for knowledge of surviving the way it used to be? Or are you the one with that knowledge? A lot of people will think they can survive because they have hunted or gardened before. What they will not realize is that there is more than just shooting an animal or planting and picking plants. They will have to understand how not to overhunt, what seasons are for certain crops, different soils and when soil is over used, and what is fresh water and how can you clean it, etc, etc, etc. If they don't understand all aspects of their enviroment, they will destroy it and become extinct. I know a lot about survival but do not share it with many. I do not belong to the mass majority. I never wanted to be remembered by these people nor do I want to be a part of their systems, religions, governments, etc. When **** hits the fan, and people start to panic, I will be as far away from those people as I can, waiting for them to destroy themselves. Once that is over, I will experience life on this planet as it once was before this life style came along. Advanced civilizations have come and gone before. Disappearing without a trace. The earth runs in cycles to clean itself just like your body does. Everything moves in cycles. Going around and around and around until death. Our moon around the earth. The earth around the sun. Seasons. Water. All living things live life in a straight line, from birth to death, but depend on these cycles to survive. Without understanding and respecting these cycles, you will be removed.
jbobash jbobash
31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012