Why Does Noone Notice?

Hey I'm 18 now but my life has been far from perfect, I will start from the beginning
My mum was 15 when she fell pregnant with my elder sister and 16 when she had her and 17 when she had me, 13 months after I was born my parents split up and I didn't know my mum. After that my sister went to my grandparents where she was subject to my grandad raping her!! And I went to my auntie then back to my dad, aged 4 living with my dad I was raped by and older boy who lived down the road, after that it spiralled I was bullied for many years !! Starved because my dad never brought food, and beaten up daily by my dad also, my only escape was friends and school and social clubs, my sister moved back in when I was 10 and after that my dad beat both of us and got a lot more violent, I had been moved around a lot due to bullying and passed around my family because I wasn't wanted, when I was 9 I started smoking and when I was 11 I started drinking alcohol and taking drugs to cope with my dad and by the age of 12 I had started having sexual activities and at 14 lost my virginity !! From the age of 12 I had been trying to commit suicide and was also working for a local man cleaning his flat just to buy essentials. At 14 I was passed yet again to another auntie where I was beaten more then half way through my GCSE's moved back to my dad, after that I found my mum when I was 15 but didn't get to know her much as she lived far away and had another family. at 16 I left school and had not many GCSE's, also to find that I was pregnant !! I wanted to keep it but was forced into an abortion by an EX boyfriend, then me and my sister was removed from our home and put into a hostel. Aged 17 I moved in with my mum after building a relationship with her, she put me on anti-depressants and took me to the hospital for my eating disorder, now I am 18 still living with her, pregnant and happy !! After everything that has happened I am finally able to let go and live my life and I know when my baby is born I will give it everything I never had and love it more than ever !! Just because of the life I had people judge me as a bad person when if anything because I had to go through hell it has made me a stronger and more caring person !! I have wrote this because so many other children are going through the same and are to scared to tell anyone like I was and believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel when I am proof there is you just have to look for it and be strong and don't deny help from others
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

wow you are an inspiration and i hope you continue to heal.. i wish you all the best and i hope you stick to your word about raising your child right.