My First Girl Friend

I was like 13 when i met her. She was in same class as i was like love at first sight. But i was such a loser that it took me over a year to propose her. She rejected my proposal at first and after two years she herself fell in love with me. One day i went to her house.. She was looing so cute wearing white top. Her hairs were wet.she had taken bath few mins ago.snow white face pink cheeks and red lips. She was smiling at me. I went close enough that her chest were touching mine. I hold her from back and pushed her towards me.. And silently said in her ears i love you and kissed her. My god. It was tasting and sweetest thing in my life.. We went inside her room and i noticed that there was no one in her house. Well it was a chance. I again kissed her and this time it was a long kiss. She took off my shirt and then slide my hands over her chest . Feeling her each body part. And nothing else allures me as the sound she was producing . It seduces me to the fullest. I took her cloths off.. And looked in her eyes to take permission for sex. She couldnt wait for me getting started and asked me to hurry or else somebody will come and it'll be left undone. We did our thing. It is most pleasing moment i ever had. She after one year broke up with me. But still i love her as nobody can love her in her life.
hardluv hardluv
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013