Yes, I Do

I am humble and I have no problem to recognize my mistakes.

I apologise to my children when I am wrong.

I apologise to people when I am not right.

I apologise to the man I love when I make him sad.

I even apologise to a homeless when sometimes I don’t have a coin or a bit money at that moment. I don’t apologise only through my words, but through my actions too.

To think about my mistakes, it helps me to improve myself, even if it is a small mistake.

I am not perfect and sometimes I repeat the same mistakes. And when it happens I feel sorry for what I have done. It is through my mistakes that I can be a better person.

I don’t feel ashamed to apologise, never!



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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

So often a failing of so many people. Not having the humility to accept when they are wrong or make a mistake. You are right Princess we learn from our mistakes. We are all human. It is our nature to make mistakes. It's a wonderful quality to recognise this and even more so to say sorry when our misplaced actions affect someone.

You are so kind hearted .....thank you for visiting me! you are just sweetness!sorry it will take me sometime to answer all your comments and for me to get time to read your stories.So far so nice!{{{{HUGS}}}*Goldi*LCW

Not enough people will apologize, either through pride or arrogance. Sometimes a simple heartfelt "I'm sorry" can turn a situation around and heal a world of hurt.