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So after seeing this group title in my circle, I felt compelled to respond since I definitely have strong opinions about it. One of my biggest complaints a loooooong time ago was about those who repent after doing wrong and believe that's enough. I strongly disagree with it being just enough.

for instance, if you have a child that came to you and said

"I'm sorry for not cleaning the room at the time you told me" and you forgave your child, how would you feel if your child ignored your instructions again? Maybe not all too angry but maybe somewhat frustrated right? However, what good does it do the child to apologize, only to make the same offense again and again and again and again? How meaningful is the apology then? Is just saying it enough?




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yaa its nothing without actions but i personally believe that there are millions of people who even cannot even dare to apologise for their bad actions and people who admit their mistakes and apology for that i think is first step towards good actions .. because good thinking always result in good actions.. and Mr. TheUnsolovedMyster.. is brave one.. but your nick is so long it need time to write and then understand<br />
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See! Great minds do think alike :D ((((((yeaohyea)))))

Exactly! I think it definitely is like lying to yourself

You know, sometimes it's almost like lying to oneself if the apology means nothing

That's exactly how I feel yeaohyea! :D

Yeah, I agree. Apologies mean nothing without actions to back it up - to show how apologetic you really are.