Something Is Missing....

Do you ever feel like you are there to hold up the people around you??  I am the "strong" one in almost all of my relationships, and I am feeling that if one more person leans on me I am going to fall over.  I am a strong person, no doubt, but inside I sometimes feel like I am a scared, anxious little girl who wants someone to hold her up for a change.  I have a bubbly, vivacious personality, I love people, but sometimes I feel like this is all a front, an elaborate act.  I am not unhappy, just stressed and smothering.  I am the only one who feels this way??????  I feel very alone sometimes, even when I am surrounded by people...
BeautifulSoul BeautifulSoul
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2007

I so understand what you are saying! Yet, somehow, you are still there propping them all up! You are awesome! Just keep on going! Grab all the hugs you can! Maybe try kissing a few frogs! There is someone meant for you!

Hi there, I am in the exact position you are. So much so that my resolution for the year (and I rarely make those) is to be selfish. You sound just like me. I can put on the best happiest front, even when I am dying inside. I'm actually receiving councelling which is teaching me where to draw the line with people and say no. In the end we seem to get walked over and taken for granted. Sound familiar?