So today I went to the doctor for some pain and something hard I could feel on the outside of my stomach, and they told me I could probably get an ultrasound to help see what it is, but most likely wont need it. After they felt of it, not only did they insist I definitly get the ultra sound, but also refered me to another doctor to help me afterwards.....  They didn't say exactly what it was but you can tell by the look on the doctor and nurses faces, they are thinking it could be serious.  So when I got home I looked up my symptoms and where it's located and of course I have a lot of the sypmtoms of beginning cancer.....   I mean, I can be wrong. It could just be nothing....  I cried.  When I told my husband he cried, several people he knew last year died of cancer so why wouldn't he.   I tried to reassure him that it was probably just something else.  I didn't let him see me cry, I never try to because I want to be strong for him... or strong for myself, idk.  My mom and my husband know, but I haven't told anyone else.  It's hard to keep this inside but I'd rather not worry everyone in case it really does turn out to be nothing.  This is going to be the longest week ever.
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A lot better, but still a bit worried. I got the ultra sound and went to the referred doctor, and she sent me to another place (paid cash for all this), and they want to do an MRI to be really sure it's not cancer. So, I have an appointment Thursday to get emergency medical insurance, so hopefully I get that so I can get the MRI done soon. Other than that, I still don't have any real answers yet.

I just saw your post today. How scary, how are you doing?