And Guess What Happened?

Well, I'm obviously applying my skills too much, becuase I was told that my boss said that I "look at it as a game and I have to be the best". Except for in worse terms. Out of context it doesn't sound that bad, but it is.

It's ******* alarming. I thought very highly of my boss, but now I'm just an old broken record player when it comes to telling him about my coworkers and how they jack off in their seats and do nothing. Who's picking up the slack?

I am.

But they're obviously not looking at it that way. They see me as a psycho competitive person, who doesn't know the meaning of teamwork. That's ******* assinine.

I'm so fed up, you have no idea. I'm done. I'm so done trying a assert myself to the best that I can be (because I believe that's what you do when you get hired. You do your ******* work). Am I right? Or am I completely out of wack? 

I don't know. I was brought up with my mother in the recruiting business and I soon followed as her assistant. I know how the hiring process goes. I know how assertive my mother and I wanted our clients to be; and we made sure that we hired the best.

So I don't even know anymore. I'm talking to my boss tomorrow and bluntly asking him what he thinks of me. If I am not being respected, I am not working here. I love this job, but I demand respect. That is very lax here. And I'm tired of it.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I find that there are more juvenile mind games in the corporate world than in junior high. I deal with it by not being friendly. Who cares if you aren't seen as a team-builder or the happiest person on the block. Do the job you enjoy and live your life and don't worry about them. HUGS