My Application For Resident Bard At The Secret Garden Party

Greetings secret garden, how do you do
A poem created just for you
You see, just been a member of
The last bin crew standing at Glastonbury
Which was a great honour for me
As it was my first ever you see
And many of my brand new family
Are heading your way to be
A part of your amazing party

But I have holes in my feet
Gave everything to my Glastonbury
Recycling team, worked hard
And entertained the troops
In equal measure, some off the wall
Comment’s too, stuck like glue
My new nickname; Ziggy stardust
They thought my head in the clouds
But can assure you it’s far from

So please ask about, been dubbed
The next John Cooper Clarke
Even wrote a poem on my shift
About all my new friends
And on my travels wrote odes
on pizza boxes, plates and loo rolls
and no cut and paste either
all came right out of my head
the pilton party, my inspiration

Not long off site, please ask about
I got in everyone’s face no doubt
And that was the plan from the start
Make a name for myself and entertain
And get all my fellow crew thinking
Through a fog of chemicals
About who we really are
We shouldn’t have money or live in a jar

But I was high on life, didn’t need A’s
Or red bull to carry me through
When I was flagging just waved my arms
In the air a few times for another
24hours of energy cultivation
And now some of the old crew are
Heading your way for sure
Been told I can dress up silly for entry
Which I am happy to do, with a difference

Wondering if you needed a resident poet
To pen your good times in rhyme
But I do like to get people thinking
Would be a fair swap to get myself in
To your party for free as not enough money
sadly or a pot to **** in
Will work on recycling, litter pick too
But only if I really have to
As still holes in my feet from glasto

And I’m getting on in years 45
On the weekend of your gig the 22nd
My birthday it is indeed, help me please
To get to your gig, without bunking in
Which I just wouldn’t do anyways
Happy to do my bit for your crew
And your punters too
To write of all the good times
In the only way I know how: Rhyme

And will dress in any way you want
To save my feet from more abuse
On a litter pick or recycling
Can I swap poetry for a way in?
Not that I even like guitars
It’s more about my new family
That I met on my first Glastonbury
I wish to share my birthday party
Thanks for reading And have a peachy day


41-45, M
Jul 15, 2010