And I Have A Friend Who Never Admits To Being Wrong. . .

I will do this when an argument gets too intense. Being right is not worth a good friendship. However, I have this one friend. . .I guess with her previous friendships she has always been the one to admit to being wrong, and then something snapped in her. Now she will never admit she's wrong. At least not to me. For some things its fine, but then it gets ridiculous. I'm starting to get to that snapping point too, where I am just tired of bowing out and letting her be right. A week before the Avengers came out we were going to get together and watch Captain America with another friend. The day we made plans for it, the three of us were together and we were discussing on who would bring Captain America. I said, "I can rent it from the dvd store." She said nothing. Then our other friend said, "or we could just get it on netflix." She said nothing. And since we were planning on watching it very soon, I didn't think we'd get in time if one of us decided to get it from netflix so I just said, "no that's okay, I'll just get it from the dvd store." Then, the day of, I texted her to tell her I had just rented Captain America, and she said, "Um, I own it." Naturally I was a little annoyed and asked why she didn't say anything when we were making plans. She texted back, "yes, I did say something, I'm sorry you forgot."

This is where the frustration comes in. She could have been diplomatic and said, "I'm sorry, I was pretty sure I did say something." But instead she had to insist it was all my fault for not hearing her. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but the way she worded it just got on my nerves. It was the whole, "never my fault" thing she has going on, and when I told her I was pretty sure she didn't say anything because renting the movie had been suggested THREE times, that she started to get defensive, accused me of blaming her and once more insisted I just didn't hear her or simply forgot. Even after I talked to the third person who was there and didn't hear her either she got very defensive. Since this small thing was threatening to turn into a big dramatic ******* match, I told her, "I'm not placing blame on you, it was three dollars I'll get over it." She texted me again after that, once more telling me she's sorry that I was the one who didn't hear her say she owned the movie or forgot she said it. Still unwilling to be diplomatic, she must always be right.

I am getting frustrated with her.

A few months ago we got into this big fight, and she said some things about me that she didn't like. I got really mad at her and blocked her for a week because I just couldn't put up with her crap. I needed to not talk to her for awhile. When I started talking to her again she said, "i'm sorry I upset you but I'm not wrong and wont apologize for what I said."

Even my brother who is a very diplomatic person and is usually the first one to point out that I'm not entirely blameless in an argument thought that was a pretty bitchy statement.
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Friends that truly care then you should be able to admit your mistake and not be afraid to do so. If the person does something or said something that hurt or offended you and refuse to apologize then that is no friend. Friends takes each other feelings into consideration and respect each other.