Unexpected Things

I love it when something unexpected happens, a singer on the street, receiving a nice text or mail or letter, being surprised by coming home and finding dinner ready, an unexpected kiss, having fun when you think you wouldn't, meeting new people, ..everything in your day can make you smile if you think about how wonderful it is, being able to experience and see new people everyday. But most people are too lost in their bad thoughts to see it most of the times. People walk with sad or angry faces on, instead of looking around and smiling jsut because you're there and you're alive and it's a bad day even if it rains or snows! I mean, my life's not easy either, but still being alive and happy is something that I just can't stop doing. Smiling, even when you don't feel to, brightens your day. At least it works for me.

Vaiolet Vaiolet
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

Your right yer know but sometimes dont you find that this life is out to get you and nothing will go right.<br />
I am like you, but when grouches see you skipping down the road they resent you for being so ****** happy. Mind you I am usually stark naked with just my steel toe capped boots and an old sock as a willy warmer. People are not ready for you coming up behind them throwing me **** into their pocket and asking them have they got any loose change. Not only is it mad but it is too happy and they hate us for it.