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She Was Ugly, But Then She Became Beautiful

Like all people, there is a shallow side of me. When I was in high school, I met a girl that looked so damn ugly that I felt sorry for her. Although, she did had a nice body and a great personality. I got to talk to her alot in class and every day I found her less ugly. She has a great heart, funny as hell, witty and down to earth. The more time I spent with her the more I noticed the cute faces she makes at times. I enjoyed being around her and looked foward going to class to see her every day. She became one of the prettiest girls in my high school, actually the prettiest, and I had a big crush on her so bad. I took her to my senior prom and asked her out while we slow dance. Some people thought I have lowered my standards, but she lowered her standards by going out with me. She broke up with me after a short time of being together, because she said she felt like she wasn't comfortable having a BF. I was heart broken for so long, I didn't know how to go on with out her. even though she had a nice body, I became attracted to her face while getting to know her inner self. Her face looks ugly to other people, but her face is beautiful to me. I can't describe her in words, but in high school she made my heart beat faster and she became like air to me. I got over her by taking up a rebound girl that I forced myself to do to forget about her and this rebound girl had a hot body and sexy face, but this rebound girl brought a prison from hell on earth and I was stuck in it. Every time I tried to break up with rebound GF she would still call and come to my work and told me she was pregnant at times so I'll stick around. This  rebound GF gives me a headache when I think of her and see the image of her face. When I think of the GF that I took to the prom, I remember how I felt during the short time we were together. I think inner beauty has a greater impact than outer beauty does.
Tokelin Tokelin 22-25, M 2 Responses May 18, 2011

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That last statement is true when you have the right spirit inside to detect it and protect it..Hugs, LW

That last statement is true when you have the right spirit inside to detect it and protect it..Hugs, LW