I Love Her So Much We're Getting Married

Yup... Ediez and I are meant to be. She proposed to me last night and of course I couldn't help but accept!

We're gonna get married on the beach and have lots of cocktails and beers. You're all invited, of course; Nunya will be the best man, Dee is the bridesmaid and Blushark the bridesman... and if anyone else wants to be bridesmaid, let us know! When we're all drunketh enough we can go skinny dipping in the sea.

I wanna wear an old-fashioned lacy dress and no shoes. And flowers in my hair like a hippie. What will you wear, Ediez?
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20 Responses Jun 13, 2011

Heinz, of course...

Seeing as it is a special occasion...........

Well, Guinness IS pretty filling...but I'll be falling off my bar stool a lot sooner if that's all I get.... Maybe Peza will bring some beans on toast.

pizza and booze. works for meh

I don't know about food... pizza?

booze is food.

No ugly bridesmaid dresses! Are we getting food or just booze????

you're getting re married?

I hope I am friends with all of you when I get married again.

No one in the right mind would want to give you away..but..dang...tradition!<br />
I'll be doing the video.I bet there will be lotsa action to cover!


*bl<x>inks* DOUBLE WEDDING!

wooot! Yes, we do need guys to give us away

Yayyyyyyyyyyy Benis... we're counting on you for speeches!<br />
<br />
Hey, Ediez, we need men to give us away! Who wants to give Ediez away, and who wants to give me away??

I'll be the guy making 9 toasts and only remembering one :P

Awwww...*lines up for bridesmaid*<br />
Congrats babiez...*tearful eyes*<br />
oh!love...im so happy!

The champers are on me !

I missed you bish! =D *huggles*

I see congratulations are in order. Who has the champagne???

LMAO! Love you bishhhhhhhhh! I must run off and look for a dress