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Please and Thank You

Recently while I was out to lunch at a fairly nice restaurant the man next door picked up his cloth napkin and blew his nose into it.  I literally could not eat my entree because I was so disgusted.  Manners to me involve a lot more than please and thank you.  It is about acting like ladies and gentlemen so as not to offend others.  I really think there should be a course taught in schools detailing appropriate social behavior.  In the meantime please don't go out and blow your nose on your napkin.  You never know when I may be the lady at the next table and I swear if this ever happens again I am going to say something to the person.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 40 Responses Jun 14, 2009

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I completely agree! Mrs. Manners needs to be reinstated. People are getting really disgusting and we all get to see it.<br />
People in traffic PICKING their nose or popping zits in their rear view mirrors! Oh, love this one- loud open mouthed belching ahhh! Absolutely gross and if you don't hold your breath-you could actually SMELL- THEIR disgusting stomach air ahhhhh! Of course the how can you miss it, hugely attention causing blowing of the mucus filled shnaz at the table while eating. Double G_R_R_R_O_S_S! And its ALWAYS horn-like loud.<br />
Blowing, picking, coughing up phlegm-anything that has to do with things coming out of you should be done in the privacy of the bathroom or your own home.<br />

Lots of refreshers Carrie lol.

I think the school course would be a good idea, with refreshers for a number of people.

Awww! I was an early bloomer but my petals still look fresh lol.

I bet she is adorable Dain.

Thank you for your comments.

I do share the same annoyance over this manner problem over our society. I mean, is it really that difficult to show a little respect to others who happen to have the same right but choose not to throw any disrespect towards others? We never demand anyone to bow when we enter the room or anything.....<br />
<br />
Maybe like you said, an institution should be established for this.........

Ewww I never thought about that either. Disgusting Ohmy but funny too.

I don't like that either. yuck


I can't stand being on a fight everyone supports... Hate having people agree with me.

Oh you would for me Ar because I adore you.

Well i wouldn't do it... and trust me no one wants to fight this guy!

I agree FG stay in the restroom.......

that aint very nice.

too bad stay in the bathroom.

Every single time? like if you have allergies it can be a real common event or you had a cold that has gone away accept for a light cough or a runny nose.

Go to the bathroom.

but what if my nose needs it! then what?!


Thanks sweets but i do love my grams. I just cannot stand some of the acts is all.

FG I liked this story. I feel the same if you have to blow your nose then get the hell up and go to the restroom.<br />
<br />
And FG you speaking of memory loss is your opinion of how you feel. Like the one group on EP you do not like my stories do not read them.

That is true about the repetitiveness of their conversation. My grams will talk all day long and repeat the same 4 topics over and over and the exact same wording.

Well, at least the great thing about a loved one with Alzheimer's is that you kinda can take back something once it's out there.<br />
<br />
Crass? Eh, perhaps, but true. It was emotionally expensive, but I would sometimes use the same pattern of conversation with my grandparents, and I'd keep doing it until I knew exactly the best response to each step on the conversation, it would tickle them each time...until they'd forget, that is.

Now I love cliches and use them frequently myself. My favorite is "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." Well I tested this theory as a kid and I had more live flies on the honey but I had a whole jar of dead ones in the vinegar water. ok totally off the subject but where my mind went.

Thanks, yes it wasn't you that mentioned the personal issues thing. No need to apologise! It is all water under the bridge, to use a terrible cliche.

I can understand having a bad day as I have many of those myself. please note I did not say you have personal issues but if that is how my comment reads I apologize as well.

Sorry, I did not mean to judge, but maybe you should take your own advice before suggesting I have personal issues to deal with. I was simply shocked. Fair enough, I went over the top with the "manor" thing, again I apologise, I'm having a bad day.

True. I don't have as much tolerance as I did previously because of all we have been through in the past years.

I like good manners and that means anywhere- that would have made me sick. He should have went to the bathroom. He may be brainless-some are u know!