It's A Sign Of Breeding

I was raised to believe that what you do and how you act reflects upon your family and your upbringing. Luckily my parents instilled in me proper manners. However, it sickens me to see people- regardless of their station in life- acting like jackanapses! Children and parents alike run amok with blatant disregard for others and there is always that "me first- I'm SPECIAL!!!" attitude. And like I said it occurs in all classes of people, that's why I often regard people with good manners as sophisticates while those with poor manners I consider peasants. I honestly believe that it doesn't matter the amount of money you have in your bank account- it's how you are raised, and if you act like you're better than everyone then it means you are at the bottom of the pecking order and should be treated as such, but if you act polite and kind towards your fellow man than it most certainly reflects that you were a product of proper breeding and you deserve the utmost respect.

ReginaForbes ReginaForbes
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2 Responses Feb 3, 2010

Thank You! I've believe that one of the biggest problems facing our society today is rudeness. You see it everywhere. In line at the bank, c' store and even church!<br />
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Just a little politeness would help us all!<br />
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+1 for you, ReginaForbes!

Nice .keep it up.Bless U!