She is the first I think about when I think about good people. My Ep sister, beautifuldreams42, is everything a good person is and should be. She is a loving friend, supportive and encouraging. Her wisdom is obvious when you read her writings and posts. Her humor gets me through the day with a giggle. Her positive and loving spirit can be felt through the computer from her words.

She is good people and I love that I know her and can call her sis. 
Thank you beautifuldreams42 for being you. Thank you for all you give to me through your posts and gestures. Thank you for being an example of a good person. Your presence is felt and appreciated. Although it seems easy sometimes we all need someone to look to. I choose you! 
soulrunher soulrunher
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I'm sold! sign me up.where do I find me one of them? :) sounds like you are lucky to have each other.A nice tribute indeed.

Now seriously....where? Walmart? Cosco? Where?

Right here on EP!!! :)

Oh! Really? How much?

Absolutely a great friend soo positive and allways there.

Very true soulrunher! She is amazing, love that woman! Wished more people were like her! So full of love and care to all of us, and we love and care for beautifuldreams42 just as much! Feel so happy and blessed to have met her!

I couldn't have said it any better, soulrunner! Love that girl!

Yes, she is awesome! Thanks :)

So I guess that makes you her evil twin!?! ;-)

Ok Ammy! Not evil...naughty. Yes. ; )

Well, Im just good at hiding my naughty! Sometimes, don't look on my wb now! Bad timing! LOL

LMAO BD42.... welcome to the club! If soul and I could recruit Sungirl3, we can recruit anybody right souly?! ;-)

WEll, I don't know...she may be a hard nut to crack! :)

Which one? LOL Sun bends, but never breaks! ;-)


Yeah well we don't want her to completely crack! Just scratch her shiny shell up little bit! ;-)

LOL that's a start..... ;-)

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She is lovely!

I don't have any sister or brother. so sad!

Find an EP sis or bro...


Just make friends with people and when you click...adopt them! :)

Oke, I will try. I am still new here!

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yea..she's alright..smiles

Mmm hmmm...I don't know why you haven't added her anyway!!! Friend her!


Rolling my eyes at both of you....

You guys are just alike...shaking my head!

Oh God! Somebody friend someone tonight! Or else!

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"Thank you for being an example of a good person. "
Seriously... just YES!

Thanks for your comments!

no no no :3
Thank YOU :)
She deserves the praise!
She's too nice to give it to herself it means even more that you did!

Aww :)

You're right, she's simply awesome!!! :)

Thanks for commenting! :)