Dear Mom

I love my mom, She is kind, tender, sweet and there's no more words can describe her!
She is a strong woman who want to do everything her best for me as her daughter.
Even if life seems so mess up, She is the mom who will support me by herself.
I know life seems unfair to her, too many problem on her face, but she just stand still and try to hiding her tears from me. Sometimes, without conscious her tears fell down while telling me her story.
now she's not as young as the first, wrinkles start to appear on her face, her hair graying... I can see something inside her eyes.... it's like "I want to see you happy my little princess".

But look at me, I am nothing... I've done bad things, did a mistake and argued with her.
I've failed in many things.

Mama... today is not a mother's day, there's no a bucket of flower that I can give to you, But I want you to know "I Love You so much and Someday you will be proud of me"

With Love,
Your Daughter.
ChocolateNz ChocolateNz
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 8, 2013

Chocolate, why don't you copy these exact words onto a card and give it to your mom? Such a heartfelt and touching statement, she certainly deserves the joy it will give her, and you and her will remember this moment for years to come...