Like You


Yes, I appreciate you, for being good. You know who you are, don't ignore me. Hey! Listen, I'm trying to appreciate you here.

I liked it when you gave me that stick, so I could get the dogshit off my shoe. That was really nice, I just want to say i appreciated that.

I really enjoyed that time you had my coffee ready before I'd even reached the counter. That was awful nice, thanks heaps, I appreciated it.

I appreciate when you handed my wallet into the bus-driver instead of pocketing it. I've done the same, it's good to know we can appreciate good people.

Thanks for paying your taxes this year as well, I'm enjoying the streetlights and stuff, I really appreciated that.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciated it.

smebro smebro
22-25, M
5 Responses Jul 20, 2007

Appreciate your comment :)

You are very nice Shaylon :)

That is very nice smebro.

Hey, no problem, I appreciate your selfless appreciation...ahhhhh, can you smell the appreciation in here? I'll gift you a 5, a 5 of what? Who knows, but have it anyway.

:) I appreciate you for taking the time to appreciate all the good people.