I Will Be Good People

Sometimes good people are hard to find.  This is my definition of "Good People:"

People who wish you no malice, will not steal from you, don't have another agenda, respect your basic human rights to privacy, possessions, and a home.  Good People don't keep score.  Good People will not push you down to get themselves higher. 

You'd think these small qualifications would not be so hard to find in people.  When you find "Good People," keep them as your friends.  Strive to become "Good People."  And then strive to become better, like the stories in this group of Random Acts of Kindness.

One night, I was on my way home from work.  I passed a car pulled over with the hazards blinking, and a few yards up, a couple was walking down the freeway.  Normally, I don't pull over my car.  It's too scary being a young girl and offering help to the world.  But this time, I felt this overwhelming need to pull over and help these people.  I remember pulling over to wait for them to catch up (this internal debate took awhile).  The husband approached the car first.  He seemed relieved to find a young girl (instead of a serial killer, I'm sure).  He loaded his wife and their baby in the car (I didn't see the baby in the baby carrier, but I was now glad I pulled over) and I dropped them off at the next gas station so they could get some help.

It's too bad that I had to be so wary to offer help, and that the young couple had to be so cautious in accepting this help.  Putting yourself out there to give or recieve help is very scary in this world.  There are so many Bad People out there that you can get yourself burned.  But we must never stop trying.  Let's vow now to make more Good People in the world.

Babeifer Babeifer
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Nice definition and story. It is strange how scary it can be to approach people on a dark road as a female. I need to learn some martial arts so I can not feel that anymore.