I'm Sick and Tired of Hurting Like This!

I'm getting sick and tired other people's feelings and wants to before mine. I want to be with this guy and everything and i talked to my aunt uncle and my parents about it and my dad just talked me out of it I'm sick of it! I hate doing this this is NOT fair to me i called the guy i want to be with and i told him i needed to talk and i want to be with him and I'm sick of other people feelings and wants before mine and it not him. my dad is to over protected.  I'm  not happy about this at all i know my dad loves me but i can't put up wit this anymore that's y of wed. I'm talking to my counselor about this. it's my life and I'm going to talk to my dad about it after wed. Don't get me wrong i do appericate what my dad is trying to do
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2007

what is it about this guy that everyone is trying to discourage you from being with him? sometimes people on the outside have a better view than those of us who are too close to a situation, but you are an adult and you are entitled to make your own decisions and, hopefully not, your own mistakes.

Girlie, it's going to be alright....do not worry. Your father is looking out for you, but I must tell you. I know that you are young but you must use both your heart and your head. Sometimes our hearts are not the safest thing to rely upon...I know this from experience. :-/. Listen to your heart but decide on whether or not this guy is really worth having a relationship with, I am not saying that he isnt, but just take your time. Also, if he truly has the same feelings as you do for him, he should be willing to wait and ready when you are. Best of luck dear!