I think it's mostly that I despise bad spelling.  Spell check is good, just remember that it only tells you if the word is spelled right, not if it's the right word.  I accidentally sent a letter out once after running spell check and not proofreading.  "Public"  without the "l' has a whole different meaning!
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I am so anal about spelling. and I have taught dyslexics, so I know and understand that spelling is just a morass for some people, and they can't help it. other people are just plain lazy. but I, being a luddite, do not even know HOW to use spellcheck. I use a dictionary made of ink and paper. I try to catch all my typos, but am not always successful. but I am anal. I'm always mentally correcting other people's spelling as well as my own. it annoys me that I cannot edit my comments, because sometimes I find typos in them and can't fix them. actually, many aspies are terrible spellers. I'm one of those non-typical aspies who did NOT get gifts in math but got them in language.

I rarely use spellcheck. If I'm not certain about the spelling, I start typing it in the search bar at the top of my browser and it'll show the word I want usually. We were taught to spell phonetically as well as memory and I always made A's in spelling though I was never the best in my class. I think all that reading helped too. I don't have a real dictionary anymore. If I want a definition I google it. Lol