Love Never Fails An Truth Always Wins, === Part 7 ====

                                                                                               THE SCHOOL TEACHER

     The teacher asked her class to write down what love means to you and put love in a sentence. Once completed the teacher read each one an noticed every student understood love is a positive feeling an action not a negative feeling or action. She also noticed most used love in a sentence like I love my mother.

      The teacher then put a seed on her desk an said to all the students, this seed loves every person, people, place an thing in, on an around the world. Students said so what, the seed dose nothing but seats loving us, that has no value to any person, etc., anywhere. The teacher then gave back all the students papers on love.

      All at once every student yelled at the teacher, because every student got a E a failing grade on their interpretation of love. The teacher said, that is why I showed you the seed that loves all, you gave your self a failing grade, each of you said the love seed was useless, because the seed had no working love that proves the seed loves all. Therefore all you failed, because not one of you stated what you do to prove your love for your mother, or whosoever an words are just like that seed, useless without works.

      The class got very silent for a time when all started ripping up their papers saying to the teacher we understand now an assumed words have the power an the word, now we know it takes both words an good deed actions to feel true love. The teacher gave the students a 2nd chance to get a better grade so sent them home to write their good deeds that prove their love. The students returned the next day an the teacher read their papers. Then handed them back, an again the students yelled at the teacher, why did we just get a D this time we all did the works of love.

      The teacher then walked around the class giving each student a piece of candy. Each student said thank you. The teacher said I will be the seed of love an go all over the world doing good deeds for every person etc., for I love all. Then the teacher started crying an all the students went to her aid. The teacher stopped crying an said, it was your good actions back to me that dried my tears an gave me smiles not your words of thank you. Love is useless if not loved in return by good deeds.  

      The students got smarter asking, does that mean my love for my girl or boy friend is a waste of time unless their love is as my love? The teacher wiser than them said, love is like a person living in a 360 circle of love inward an outward, an as-to lovers is the other person is also a person living in the circle of 360 love inward an outward. To be lovers is two circles of love like the 720 circle of one love, for one lover can not carry a false lover. Being Friday the teacher said you have all weekend to redo your papers on love, enjoy your weekend see you Monday an hope you all get A's.

      Monday came an again the teacher read all papers an handed them back. This time the students got up slower as all got C's. Then they asked, we all know talking among each other we wrote a perfect lovers mate of 720 love, so why the C? The teacher said I told you the seed of love loves all, therefore 2 in love have a average life, but you failed to say what you both live for to build your good life so you can pay your own way in life. It is possible you two lovers loving each other are evil to other persons, etc., judging them weak an lost with no good deeds for your society, which makes your perfect love evil.

       Spring brake coming she said, you have spring brake to redo your papers. Only this time bring me proven works what you did on spring brake, now be wise as I too once was young, be good not to good, enjoy your spring brake, but do it respecting your self an all others. Plus always stay around your friends every moment, because many a person in society failed this class.

         Spring brake over all students returned with smiles showing off their works of good deeds an the teacher was well pleased giving back their papers. The students sat there an wondered why just a B. The teacher said you only got a B, because you did your good deeds expecting something good in return. In life at times you'll be used an abused by some degree an your feelings will be tested. Could be your lover lied, friend, even those you trust most like a preacher, police, a judge, or it could be your self where you think your doing good deeds.

        A good deed is something you as a person put in motion that if it could complete it would save even the devil, a very bad person. You need not redo your papers all you passed, but in class that was easy, in life on your own it is not so easy, because every person knows good from bad with or without laws. My advice is seek to save a teenager under age an be that teenager at your every age. Now as you know the teenager who is a teenager will rebel you, an forsake you, but never ever forsake the teenager you.



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Apr 17, 2011