Love Never Fails And Truth Always Wins, === Part 8

                                                                                                THE SCHOOL TEACHER

      The teacher said to the students, this is your last year of schooling an each of you graduate this year. Many of you will go on an be of the public people like a police officer, judge, that of government an law, while others will become of a religion, church, also of the public people. Now we ask this of each of you, do not become as the persons of yesterday who say I am just doing my job, the bible tells me so, it is the law, etc., and seek your job believing in what you're doing saves all to include your self not just certain people and/or just your friends as have many of past. Do your job in a circle of understanding no person is born or birthed to do badly things, that it is our system that also needs to mature.

       Therefore your last question to answer is, WHAT IS NORMAL? You'll learn as you already have heard people say, normal is whatever you think is normal an the majority of the people win. That system is good for them, but what of the lost child an adult, ignoring them is where your problems in society an crimes come from. Think about that, it is very, very easy to pick on a person and blame a person, the few people, because none have power an you own the entire justice system. That of our system is said by many words that defend their self, like some people change scriptures of GOD to please their self, which in some cases makes U. S. A. people bullies like that of your school.

      Anyway, you have this year to write your paper on what is normal. Be careful of the foolish persons for all are masters of word twisting. Go for walks in the forest an parks watching the animals an things. Then write down all the animals who seat an talk about other animals, build powers to kill off certain animals, rape an abuse each other. Then go for a walk in a city, a town an write down all who talk of problems, get paid to end certain persons instead of learning their reasoning how they became badly. You may learn if humans were not here the world would be just fine.

     Point is when you write what normal is, be it for your self as to change the system is about impossible, for even church likes to blame others all the way to blaming Adam an Eve, instead of excepting their own responsibilities. The reason is those persons an people do not know how to forgive their self an that created a snowball that still travels today that most persons instead of loving each other most seek forgiveness not love. In doing sexing becomes their issue like when they were teens themselves, because to them that is the reason for life, so they wrote love laws an sexual laws contrary to normal.

       My last words are, love an trust in your self like the marriage vow an never forsake your self richer, poorer, in sickness an health an your lover will find you. I always use a myth sexual crime you can use to base your normal on, because every human lives by age an thinks wisdom comes by age. Meaning what I write I knew when I was a teen an it remains true unto this day forever. As a teen we had little responsibility an our minds where free in love understanding. Then as we started learning world ways to survive with money each of us had to adjust an protect our understanding of loving sexually. By our very nature we all choose our laws an protect age law to keep youths in freedoms as long as we can as we realized world loving sexually is not as good as freedoms loving sexually youths have. Therefore age law is the greatest law in the world, and unfortunately certain parents an adults are distorting the youths loving minds an free love is dying, which GOD established protecting by bible which also is now distorted by false persons of GOD.

        The myth sex crime is this, you be the judge. A people long ago taught a certain man wanted pure love from a virgin woman. By 21 every woman fell short of his dream, so the men justified women by laws an scripture, then built a life to get a girl over 21 to stay pure virgin for the man. Men knew it was not possible an their boys got the girls an laws became all power. The man however like the sun still seeks that virgin woman, so men wrote GOD at the end of time will bring him a bride. Very few boys birth with that in mind, as do very few girls seek to stay pure. Therefore the people control an those pure virgins become fools in adult years. Most fall to drugs an rebel the people, others become abusive in any relationship, then some do sex crimes. The woman an man learning they were fooled always goes to a teen, not younger than 12 to find their lost love. None use any form of abuse to get the teen to have sexual relations.

     The war of wars is this, pick your battle, one side defends freedoms by nature, the other side defends freedoms by laws of force. Be very careful, both sides are very wrong, on your paper tell me why, an the solution to the problem. In doing you'll have a blessed life.



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Apr 22, 2011