Love Never Fails An Truth Always Wins, Last Part In Part 14, The End In This Group, ==

   Do to some persons who do not like a change or said a difference in the word of god and our daily word communications i will be writing part 15 in, I CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST, BUT CAN CHANGE MY FUTURE. ============== I too have a resentment with people who refuse to except change an teach kids the same old way about religion, Christian beliefs, an law, because in my life i believed in the word good people said trusting in our u. s. a. system an almost died as i needed help, learning the only way i could get help was if i agreed with their beliefs their way. which proved to me this is the land of freedom, AS LONG AS YOU LIVE THEIR WAY.

      My only disagreement was the teaching of age, an courts use of age law, i had no idea over 300 million persons calling their self the people, believed there was some magical spirit maturing a child on their 18th birthday.

   The point is, i will never fight by any form of force to prove you all are wrong, and will only have hope you of authority an around youths realize all words do not mean the same to every child just because you are the powerful people of this world. I will go to heaven or hell to prove the lie, for age by law or belief is a myth, a person matures by works not words.

    Bottom point, unlike most of you an your youths, I need you not, I have money, an whatever i desire, an at 62 my body is weak as GOD, stated, therefore i fear you not, ================ i maintain my correcting your bible you wrote your way, ======== GOD SO LOVES AN LOVED US ALL, THE WORLD, GOD SENT HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, (NOTE NOT JESUS CHRIST) THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM (WITH FAITH OF WORKS) WILL NOT DIE AN LIVE FOREVER AN EVER. Read the bible, it states all scriptures are for corrections to profit both sexes, not just men, thank you.

  I was never a fool in youth so agreed with you to enjoy life, but had no idea you of most people use bible an laws as excuses. yes i was a bad boy in life, but i admit that to you all an god, i have no excuses, the devil did not make me do it, nor did law, plus i ADAM would have also eat apple, even now, know why, i love her, all of her. take care.

   little saying you may grow to enjoy, ======= TRUTH HURTS, BUT NOT AS LONG AS LIES, ======================= OR SAID UNCOMPLETED TRUTH,   BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT, JUST FOR YOU OF LAW.     

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61-65, M
Jun 15, 2011