Virtual Honesty

Days pass by, everyday a new day

Here is everything possible

We are humble, we are all feelings

We are the dream, we are the fantasies

We are everything

Words are given

Promises are made...

Lies have been told

To the one who was yesterday

a mere stranger, an username

Questions comes, confusion appears,

answers are missed

Words of love are said,

Tears of sadness are made

No commitments, not even with the truth

We don't know even the real name

For some the best friendship ever

For fews the real love

For others not even know if

it is a woman or man...

Virtual or real world,

a chance has to be given

To trust and to believe

in honesty and truth...


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2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I am honest to you!

It is the same world .. real or virtual <br />
<br />
We reach out and take risks and sometimes judgement good, other times not so good ...