A friend of mine asked me if I have any juicy stories to tell and I told her that I really didn't. It's not because I live a prudish life of anything like that. It truly comes down to the profession that I am. Let me explain....

Working abroad in the world of sports is truly living in a glass house. Everything that I do or say is magnified to the point of people not knowing what is and isn't the truth. With that being said, my life at time can be a challenge when it comes to getting to know someone better or better yet, wanting to live my life and live it the way that I want to.

So, as far as my juicy story goes, this is as good as it gets....

While preparing to come home from Japan, I began speaking to a woman who I went to high school with. She and I were friends and after reconnecting, we were able to see that we had much in common and that we wanted to be able to see each other. She is a good looking woman, 5'9, 140lbs, athletic build and seemed to have all of her ducks in a row. While D and I were talking, she had told me that her divorce was going to be finalized by the time that I got home and I saw no reason why I couldn't spend time with her.

Once at home, D and I met up at a restaurant and had a great dinner date. The conversation flowed and there was not a moment of silence while we were together. I was in her neighborhood and she decided to show me around and while we were out walking after dinner, she kissed me. I knew that there was chemistry and this proved it. We only had about 3 hours to spend together because had a babysitter for her daughter, but all in all it was a great time.

The following day, D came over to my place and we spent the day together. Great conversations, lunch and even a great makeout session. Thing really did heat up and we brought things into my bedroom for some hot and wild sex. Everything just worked and there wasn't anything to worry about. We were both happy, however, it was strange to me that she didn't want to get completely naked because she had a scar that she was still a little nervous about when people saw it. Even though she showed it to me, she kept her shirt partly on. Yes, strange!

A week passes and we continue seeing each other and even though we hadn't had the opportunity to be intimate, some of our makeout sessions did get pretty hot and heavy. Anyways, D told me that she loved post cards and while in Japan, I mailed her one. She loved it and while I was just with her back at home, I decided to send her a friendly post card. Well, I get an unexpected phone call from her saying that her ex found the post card while checking the mail and that he now knew about us. Being that I had dated divorced women before, I really didn't make a big deal about it and even though she said that things were cool, they really weren't. From this point on, I barely heard from D and I have not seen her since mid June. I'm guessing that someone was withholding the truth a bit. I would have to say, this is where the honesty comes in to play.....

In July, I met up with a friend of mine in another town and I hadn't seen her for about 6 years. The reason for not seeing her for so long was she was holding on to some stuff from her own past, I found this out once I was with her face to face, but this has always put a strain on things between us. We tried to date about 8 years ago, but it didn't work for a few reasons, she doesn't say what's on her mind and rather than talking to me, I have to deal with the passive aggressive stuff from her. Not a great friendship.

Anyways, I ended up in Denver and before I flew out to see her, J and I were having some great conversations. J is also attractive and she would be what I would consider to be thick. 5'6, 150lbs nice toned arms and legs with a fat as that I love to rub on and she knows this too! Things seemed to be clearing up and even though I was a bit hesitant to see her because of the way that things were in the past, I decided to see her. I had a great time while in Denver. Hiking, museums, waterparks, etc, we did it and we had a blast. Because J and I have always had this crazy sexual attraction towards each other, we decided to cross that line, again, and see how things went. Well, truth be told, she and I picked up where we left off and there is no way that we can be left alone in a place for too long because something will happen. She is the independent woman who is all about her independence. However, she wants a man to be able to put her in her place and dominate her sexually and take what it is that he needs from her. J was telling me about things that I had forgotten about that I had done with her, ie- placing her in a recliner and having her legs up on my shoulders so that I could recline the chair up and down while penetrating her hard and deep. Yes, J loves me doing her and I enjoy it as well!

Before I had left Denver, I told her that a woman that I have been on and off with for the last few years was coming to see me and that she and I were going to talk about things between us. J, knew that I had O coming to see me, however, rather than telling me that she wanted to continue something with me and to have me keep things on my mind, she said nothing until the 12 day of O's visit. Now, O was only staying with me for 16 days as she lives outside of the country, however, because J waits to say things to me, again, she places me in the same place that she did before. That is the grey area. Yes, I could've said something before to J and I did, I told her that I would like to be able to continue talking to her, but things would have to be slow considering that there were a few uncontrollable elements going on, ie-her mom was ill and just recently passed. Keeping that in mind, I told her that she needs to spend that time with her mom and that whatever is supposed to happen because she and I will have to wait because I didn't feel right asking for anything more from her since she should be with her ailing mom. J was mad at me for saying, but she said that she respected me for it and that we would have to wait and see what happens.

While O was with me, in August, she ****** me every chance she had. O too, it sexy, 6'0, athletic and lean, but she is truly a sex kitten. Whether she has the chance to put her lips around my **** for a second or I have the opportunity to finger her, she loves it. However, at the same time, she loves being able to look out for me. She has visited me in various countries while I am working and when she comes to see me, she wants to be able to enjoy her time with me whether it is cooking and cleaning or giving me a massage as she is a masseuse. I enjoy my time with O and yes, the sex is great, however, in the back of my mind, I do worry a bit because she is much younger than me. She is 25 and even though D is 36, J is 34 and I am 34, the older women seem to carry the baggage and not tell the truth about things or open up when they are asked. Instead, the seem keep their guards up and rather than have someone try and love them, they push me away. As a man who treats women right, it's hard to love someone when they really don't want to be loved. O will tell me things and I appreciate her opening up to me and letting me know what she is thinking.

So, with all of this being said, honesty is key when trying to have something to workout. D is definitely out of the picture. J, I still talk to her often and even though her mom just passed, I think that in due time, she will be back to wanting to see what's there. I too, want to see what's there and have her come and see me for a bit so that we can have more than 4 days together. O, well, I know that she will come and see me when her schedule permits and with her, I just take things in stride because as she has said,"I don't mind you taking your time and figuring out who is best for you. Just know that when you are ready to settle down and get married, consider me." I don't think that I can ask for anything more.
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You are a keeper for SO many reasons! :o)

I'll send you a PM sweetie!