This guy.. My boyfriend.. Is my world. But I feel like he has the upper hand in the relationship and I feel like he takes advantage of that.. I've lost a lot and he's all I have.. I expect the truth from him but sadly I catch him in lies and don't know why he won't own up to what he's been lieing about.. I've tried to fix things but.. I'm not sure anymore if it's worth it. But the thought of letting go hurts so bad.
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Well, I think you look great, you sound like a good young lady so I don't think it'll be any problem for you finding someone new, so don't worry about that.
Try to have a talk with him and tell him it's bothering you. If he don't change, tell him you want some time off.

Looking at your profile pic, you could get any 13-14 year old boy you want!

I'm almost 16. Lol

well than update your profile lady!

Honey, I know where you're coming from! In fact it's been a few months since I've gotten out of a relationship almost exactly like yours. Take this from someone who has been in your shoes, IT GETS BETTER! I haven't spoken to the guy for a while now, and it has given me so much perspective on what exactly went wrong and how I made the right decision. I was afraid of letting him go too, I didn't want to imagine a life without him, but now I find that there's so much more to life and so many things I can finally devote my time to. I can better myself and work on my personality. I strongly suggest you do the same and soon enough the right guy will come along! If you need any help feel free to message me, best of luck! :)

Please think if he is like this now it will get worse not better. You are young and have feelings for him but does he for you?
Sorry to be so harsh but I was with a guy like that and thought as you do I had nothing but had even less when we broke up as he had taken my confidence, fun, trust and I was a shell of my old self before I met him.
Please do not let him or any other man do the same to you. It will hurt to leave him but hurt yourself much more to stay.

No, you're wrong when you think he's all you have. You have a lot of things around you, maybe you just can't see them now. If you can detect that he's taking you for granted, leave with your head held high, dignity intact, while you still can. Yes, it'll hurt at first, but it'll hurt worse if you keep him around longer.
I've heard of a nice metaphor about letting go. You know, when a kid gets a bad milk tooth with cavities, they can choose to have those teeth fillers. But they have to be maintained; even though you think your cavities are gone, they're still there just covered up. It's best to have the tooth extracted. It'll hurt for the first few days, their tongue will brush over the empty area a few times and it will ache, but the it will eventually heal, they'll get used to the space between their teeth, and a new tooth will grow out later.

Little Darlin you are too young and have so much more life to experience and embrace at your young tender age. Trust an old very experienced man, your future loves and lovers will give you more sweet bites of loves tenderness and meaning in the very near future. Did you know that in ancient biblical times a man was NOT considered a man til he reached the age of 30? I am very sure the same held true for women. Little Darlin you are not a woman yet. I mean that in the sincerest of compliments. Sit back, relax, let life flow to you. Do not hold on to anything nor anyone that hurts or harms you in anyway. Embrace experience, education, caring and sharing with those who love and support you as you are. Live well, live long and live happy.

So true what Triman said.

that was great advice! you are so sweet 😘