I understand why people want to keep some thoughts secret and that's okay. *So many people's thought bubble about me won't be "OMG! What's wrong with him!" I can see that on faces without needing the thought bubble. But I would very much like it if people had Emotion Bubbles! I can't understand people's feelings or emotions mostly so it leaves me helpless to respond or join in conversation. Is a person making a joke about a dead baby that they expect me to laugh at (please understand I think that would be inappropriate but I live in the world of 14 year old boys) or are they serious and expect compassion or some emotion I can't even fathom? Emotions are so very complex that I need road signs. I'm taking lessons in body language but one girl told me I was a freak because I was 'staring at her while she talked'. I was trying to figure out how she was feeling and if I should be reacting or responding.. So if you know someone like me then just be honest and say what your feeling. You may even have to explain it or explain why.
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I appreciate honesty too. I like people to be straight out about what they are saying. In regards to the girl who was upset with you staring at her while she spoke, it happens to me a lot. When people talk to me I look at their eyes and so many people can't handle eye contact.

"Normals?" We are not any more normal than you. More close to average perhaps but not normal. You might have some issues but that doesn't make you any less normal than me.

You did not offend me and you have absolutely nothing to apologize.

You are so smart

I know what you mean.. people feel awkward when I tell them my Dad was a Marine and died when I was 5. Sometimes I don't even mention it unless its part of what I want to explain.

I hope u didn't let her by with calling u a freak dude

Yeah well she better be glad I wasn't there cause she wouldn't made it out of the door without crying

Not to me it ant to me u r u u r the way god wanted u and that's all that counts and I say so but I stick up for friends no one gets picked on without mr knowing and me saying something

Go for it