I wish I could meet myself but obviously that's impossible so instead I wish someone could be truthful enough to tell me exactly how I look to them . Cause you get used yo the way you look and see yourself every day
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Speaking only for myself, After many mistakes in my life, I had to accept and deal with the fact that I was 99% of my problems in my life and now My saying is "I would hate to be you and have to deal with me". It made me wake up to the selfish, hard headed person I was. It takes years of living to get there, but prayerfully If need be, you will get there sooner than that.

hurt my feelings, say what you need to, but please be HONEST

I am exactly like you. I prefer people would be honest and tell me exactly what they think and feel about me without sugar coating their words.

However, some do not say exactly what they want because they fear the other person will take it in a wrong way and get hurt. So make it clear you want to know EXACTLY what they think about you and you won't take insult. Maybe then they will tell you =)

Given some bad fortune and bullshit times will test how you see yourself. When we do through hell consecutively, there's some sort of awakening that happens when your a real emotion type person. Self discovery takes good and bad things to happen in order to reevaluate how we get there and the test of tolerance is amazing growth if you've tolerated a lot without knowing it.

well you just need friend. Most person ant to find a guy out there in the world and miss that special someone that's right next to them. a friend is always honest with you because they know how you would react and when to stop being honest and just cheer you up with the sweetest lies.

It is important to accept yourself for how you think you are and not what other people tin of you. what they thin is not as important as what you thin of you. Do not allow their words influence you to hate the real you. Because the are all liers and haters. They hate themselves and want you to hate you and be as miserable as they are. DON'T FALL FOR IT. You are beautiful and special in your own way.

Mhm..going by your looks, u look pretty! Other than that I can't exactly tell u 'bout u!