I grew up with horrible sisters, and parents that were a little harsh on me. Somewhere along the line, I had made a few friends in school. From the moment that we were all old enough to understand what rumors were and knew each other well enough, the proverbial knives were thrown. I rarely ever, if not at all, talked bad about a friend behind their backs. I think the only time I did, was when I believed they were talking bad about me. I grew up without ever really thinking about what I say before I say it, basically without a filter on my mouth. I tend to say whatever comes to mind, whether people want to hear it or not.

I know that most people in school aren't like that with others, no matter how much I wish it were that way. It takes a lot of looking to find someone as open and caring that didn't lie to the people around them, even more to find someone like that close by.

It will always bother me to know that there will always be those out there that feel the need to lie to you. It's even worse for me, because I know my sisters do it almost daily (if not hourly). Family and friends shouldn't have any reason to lie to you, no matter what.

Honesty, for me, extends into trust. If someone is being 110% honest with me, then I'll always feel like I can trust that person.

Anyone agree with me???
ShizukaRose ShizukaRose
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Honesty is pure. Lies have hidden undertones. Look at why the person is lying first, before judging what they say. That being said, lying isn't a good habit..