Do you think this is a good profile pic for me. Message me and be honest
whitneybaca whitneybaca
18-21, F
7 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Where is your face? other than that you do seem to be fit

Think you should look at me and smile! Beautiful!

I can't see it clearly.but from the shadow it attracts one to want to know mo

this picture is stimulating, but it doesn't show you. I reckon most guys want women to be this way, just a body with no face or feelings to worry about. But that's not me, I like to see a face.

Depends on how you wanna look to others...what kind of peoples you wanna attract towards yourself..
And my honest opinion on the pic is that..You are looking ******* Hot(Sorry for my explicit language coz i felt that this way i can express more clearly)..& you wanna look hot to others i guess..but remember it will attract perverts more towards you..& even if a good guy gets attracted he might also want a piece of you & may get over you & walk away...if you are okay with that then its good for you...& if its not then change your pic & upload a well dressed pic which shows that you are an elegant & classy women..who respect herself....
P.S-Sorry if i'm mistaken!!!

If u feel that this photo describes u , and thats what u wanna show to people abt who u r ...than the photo is more than perfect ;)

With that pretty body and cute pouty face your go a get lots of attention...and yes its a good pict