I hate liars so please back off if you lie and don't break my heart.
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Tell me about it. I feel I have bad luck with men

Already answered. Sounds like a female's way of double asking a question. Never understood this behavior, but nature is what it is.

I am with someone who I love. That is lying to me constantly. I'm gonna leave him, but it is so hard. I pray to the Lord but it is so hard.

What does he lie about sweetheart?

He lies about extramarital affairs He has in our relationship. Mind you I'm legally married to this mess of a person I'm with. I come from the Bronx, NYC. I feel he hasn't cut off this relationship with this girl yet. And she's a younger girl. She can be his daughter and when girls are young like that they are hard to get rid of. I'm gonna confront this girl and get the information that I want. Bring him this information in such a way he can't deny it. Then I am going to live in a different place my father and brothers are gonna help me. He thinks he is coming with me. I can't wait until everything is pack and I have the upper hand to say it's over.

Easy tell him to **** off and leave then u go and fine someone else

Thank you it means a lot to me.

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Me too