Eating Disorder Prevention: Moms & Daugthers

There are ways to help your daughter find love for her body and self.  These things can help prevent issues like eating disorders later.


  • Use meal times as a connection point to bond and talk about the day.  Make it a habit to eat together.
  • Recognize and praise your daughter for what she does, not how she looks.  Bring to light accomplishments and talents beyond something that relates to physical appearance.
  • Decrease talk about diet and weight. 
  • Don't equate being skinny with being happy. 
  • Watch for and discourage obsessive or extreme behaviors of any kind. 
  • Talk with your daughter and help her make a list of all her positive attributes that aren't related to her physical appearance.
  • Nurture your daughter and help her become a creative problem solver.

  • Do you have other tips?
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    Jan 23, 2008