Amber's Art Work

A special thanks to Amber who shared this art work with us.  It truly captures the emotional aspect of eating disorders and negative body image.  Thanks Amber!  Check out our exclusive interview with Amber below her pictures and find out what inspired her--she knows first hand the emotional aspect of dealing with an Eating Disorder.  Thanks Amber for your courage and strength to share this story with others. 




What has been your inspiration for this artwork?

“Well I draw my artistic influences from Van Gogh, and other German expressionists, but the most inspiration that I have had was from the experience with Eating Disorders. I also write poetry and learning to write very descriptively helped me portray my emotions using merely a pencil. I am really into art history so I have gotten a lot of influence from a lot of different artists.”

How do you think art plays a role in expressing what an Eating Disorder does or feels like?

“It has helped me actually identify what I was feeling. I was feeling so numb so I couldn’t exactly grasp what it was that was wrong. Drawing whatever came out was a very therapeutic technique for me. This helped me step out of myself and look at my work and say, Wow this girl is in so much pain! I want to help her. But wait...that girl is me. I would never want to help myself because I care too much for others, but drawing has helped me realize how much pain I was in and to say that I did need help.”

Why do you think it is important to get the word out about eating disorders?

“I think people don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I am just dieting, no harm but things can spiral out of control and before you know it you are in the hospital. Soon your "diet" consumes you and controls you rather than you controlling food. People need to know about this extremely deadly epidemic so they can prevent it from happening to them and other family and friends.”

What do you hope someone gets from looking at your artwork?

“I hope that someone can see them and say, Wow that’s exactly how I feel and identify their emotions like it did for me. It can help gain awareness of how much pain anorexia actually causes. And maybe I can inspire other people to draw their feelings.” 


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wow amazing. x

wow. its very powerful.

Beautiful artwork. By sharing her struggle she is helping countless other girls in their fight with an eating disorder.



amazing, i really dont want to say, but thank you so much for sharing, these very powerful drawings, and very honest words. xxx

Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

I am glad everyone appreciates Amber's work. I thought it was really brave of her to share this. This is the stuff people are afraid to put out there. It's totally worth five minutes of time.

Very powerful imagery... thought provoking. Thanks for sharing

Wow. THats all i can say.